Visual StudioΒΆ

Debugging with symbols is not enabled by default. These are the settings that have proven to work with Miruken and SymbolDownloader.

Tools > Options > Debugging > General

  • Uncheck “Enable Just My Code”
  • Check “Enable Source Server Support”
  • Check “Print source server diagnostics to the Output window”
  • Check “Allow source server for partial trust assemblies”
  • Check “Always run untrusted source server command without prompting”
  • Check “Supress JIT optimization on module load”

Tools > Options > Debugging > Symbols

  • Add “” to the “Symbol file (.pdb) locations:” list
  • Set “Cache Symbols in this directory” to c:\temp\symbols
  • Select “Load only specified modules” option
  • Click “Specify included modules”
  • Add “Miruken.dll” and “Miruken.*.dll” to the list

The “Cache Symbols in this directory” setting must match the “symbolFolder” setting in Source/config.json. You can set it to any folder, but they need to match.